Top tips

As a parent, carer or guardian, you play a major part in protecting your child from bullying. The tips below help summarise your role:

  • Understand what bullying is and be alert to the signs and symptoms
  • Discuss bullying even when your family is not affected by it so that your children understand what it is and know what to do about it
  • Make sure your child knows they can tell you anything that is upsetting them
  • Make sure your child knows who to speak to about any concerns at their school or youth setting
  • Support your child and work with the adult in charge to help put a stop to bullying
  • Be a good role model
  • Help your child understand and respect what is different
  • Never tell your child to hit back, this will make it harder to stop the bullying
  • Gather evidence of bullying if you can (e.g., save/print hurtful messages)
  • Get advice and support from family, friends, helplines and websites

Also see How can I support my child? page.

You can download some good advice provided by the charities below: