Where can I find support?

All school and youth settings should help you find a solution to concerns you have about bullying. Schools should also have a member of staff who can tell you about peer support schemes and counselling sessions they offer. If you need extra support, the following may help:

The Cwmbran Centre for Young People has a young person’s counselling service and a peer-led mentoring scheme (01633 875851). If you are concerned that your child is being bullied or is bullying others in the community, you can contact Gwent Police (01633 838111).

The following websites have lots of good advice for parents and carers:

The Kidscape parent phone line (02077 303300) can also be a useful source of advice.


If your child is experiencing bullying related to a disability or learning difficulty, SNAP Cymru may be able to provide additional support. The website address is www.snapcymru.org and their Helpline phone number is 0845 1203730 or 0345 1203730 from a mobile phone.


If your child is experiencing bullying because of their sexual orientation, Stonewall Cymru may be able to offer advice and guidance. Their website is www.stonewallcymru.org.uk and their phone number is 02920237744.

Mermaids provide a helpline aimed at supporting transgender young people, families and professionals. You can visit their website at www.mermaidsuk.org.uk.


If your child is experiencing bullying because of the race, culture or religion, the Gwent Ethnic Minority Support Service (GEMS) may be able to help on on 01633 851502, 01633 851504 or 01633 851505.

Anti-bullying information leaflets for parents are available to download at http://gov.wales.