Cooperative Group Work and SEAL

Cooperative Group Work

Certain activities can be used to encourage children and young people to work together from an early age. This can develop understanding of diversity and respect for difference. It also provides an environment to explore issues and controversies by considering different viewpoints, developing trust with those of the opposite gender and other ethnic groups and becoming better integrated into the peer group. If carried out effectively, children and young people will work together and help one another whilst managing conflicts within the group. Working relationships sometimes develop into real friendships, and children are generally more tolerant of others and more wiling to listen (Masheder, 1986). Those who are at risk or have been bullied can be drawn into working groups with other children who will not abuse or take advantage of them.


The Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) programme can be used to good effect to improve emotional intelligence broadly and the emotions and feelings that surround bullying more specifically. It provides an excellent framework for learning to recognise and manage emotions appropriately.