Policy development

It is crucial that all educational settings have an anti-bullying policy. A good anti-bullying policy will provide all staff, young people and parents with a shared understanding of what bullying is and how it will be tackled. It can also be useful to ask young people to produce a child-friendly, anti-bullying policy which can be displayed in a prominent position.

A model policy is included in Torfaen Anti-bullying Guidance and Policy for Education Settings 2014 – 2107. The main headings are provided below:

  • Introduction
    • Values and Ethos Statement
    • Objectives and desired outcomes of policy
    • Named person
    • Context
  • Consultation
  • Definition of bullying and bullying behaviour
  • Prevention – reducing the frequency of bullying
  • Reaction – responding effectively to reported incidents of bullying
  • Development and review

A copy of Torfaen Anti-bullying Guidance and Policy for Educational Settings can be found here.