Frequently asked questions

How do I know if I am being bullied?

If someone is being nasty to you on purpose over and over again and you can’t defend yourself then you are probably being bullied.

How can I avoid it?

People who bully are looking for a reaction. It is natural to feel afraid, but the best thing to do is walk away and tell someone. Sometimes it’s really hard to ignore, but hitting back will make it worse. The following will help:

  • Stand up straight
  • Keep eye contact
  • Take a deep breath and say NO
  • Walk away
  • Practice being assertive in the mirror (but not aggressive)

You can also practice the ‘broken record’ and ‘fogging’.

  • The broken record sounds like a record stuck in a groove or a scratched CD because you keep repeating the same thing until the bullying stops. It goes on and on! (e.g. no I won’t give you my money, no I won’t give you my money, no I won’t give you my money...)
  • Fogging means not giving the person who is doing the bullying the reaction they’re looking for. The idea is to turn into fog and ‘swallow up’ what they say. (e.g. that’s your opinion, so what if my trainers aren’t cool)

Isn’t bullying just part of growing up?

No, bullying is not just part of growing up. All children have the right to live without the fear of bullying.

What if I’m really scared of the bullies?

Lots of people are scared of the people who bully them. This is natural so the best thing to do is get someone to help you (e.g. friend, family, teacher, police).

Won’t it just get worse if I tell someone about the bullying?

No - the best way to stop bullying is to tell someone so they can help you.

Will I ever get over being bullied?

Being bullied is horrible, but when you talk to other people about it and get help you will begin to feel better. If you feel really sad because you’ve been bullied or you bullied someone else, the best thing to do is to talk about it with someone. Tell them how it made you feel and how they can help you.

Also see the where can I get help pages.