What is bullying?

Bullying is when someone is nasty to you again and again on purpose, but you cannot defend yourself.

This is how two young people in Torfaen described bullying:

"Bullying is using aggressive behaviour or name calling towards another individual because they may be different in a certain way". Toby, 16

"Bullying is like a candle, it never really runs out until someone does something to blow it out". Sarah, 14

Bullying does not include one-off instances of hurtful behaviour, arguments between friends or playful teasing.

What different forms can it take?

Bullying can be physical (e.g. hitting), verbal (e.g. name calling) or indirect (e.g. excluding from games, spreading rumours). Cyber bullying is when someone sends hurtful messages by email, mobile phone or the internet.

Most people get bullied because they are different in some way, but this is never ok. Some people get bullied because of the way they look, the colour of their skin, their race or culture, their appearance, their disability, their ability, their sexual orientation, their gender, their health condition or their home circumstances.

We all need to remember that being different is a good thing!