Where can I get help?

There are many places you can get help to stop bullying. The best thing to do if you (or someone you know) are being bullied is to tell someone about it. You can get advice and information from the websites and helplines below. All libraries in Torfaen have internet access.

Primary and Secondary school pupils have access to the Schools’ Counselling Service. The counsellors will be happy to talk with you about problems such as bullying. The service is based at Cwmbran Centre for Young People (01633 875851, 9am – 5pm or 01633 453035, 24 hour service).

The NYAS (National Youth Advocacy Service) may be able to help if you feel you are not being treated fairly (0800 616101).

If you are experiencing bullying because you are disabled or have a learning difficulty, you can ask your teacher if you can speak to the Additional Learning Needs Coordinator at school. You can also tell your social worker if you have one and check out the following websites www.mencap.org.uk and www.snapcymru.org.

If you are experiencing homophobic bullying, you can visit Stonewall’s website for more advice www.stonewall.org.uk.

Mermaids provide a helpline aimed at supporting transgender young people, families and professionals. You can visit their website at www.mermaidsuk.org.uk.

If you live in foster care, you can speak to your social worker about bullying. You can also ask your teacher if you can speak to the Looked After Child Coordinator at school.

If you are a Young Carer and need to talk to someone about bullying, you can phone the Young Carers team on 01633 648135 or 07535511236.

Anti-bullying leaflets for children or young people are available to download at http://gov.wales.